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I am a 68-year-old gay disabled amateur part-time writer living in Slough, Berkshire UK. I have published around 50 articles in 20 leisure and lifestyle magazines. I live with a range of health issues including heart disease, chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression, atrial fibrillation and restless leg syndrome. (I'm working my way through the medical dictionary!). I'm a member of Slough Writer's Group which is interesting and informative. Latest News. 10th July 2023 Awarded 'The Sandy Lee-Guard Award for Endeavour' by the Slough Writers Group. 6th December 2023 Completed studying 'Writing for Magazines' with CityLit University. January 2nd 2024. Fell over in the lounge and fractured my left femur (whilst recovering from fracturing my right femur in July 2023). Recovery expected to take 6 - 8 months. May 2024. Completed studying ' National Centre for Writing' course 'Creative Non-Fiction - An Introduction'. You can see the articles that have been published in the 'LATEST WORK' section of my website.

Sunday 30 June 2024


 'Lottie' is our 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. When awake, she's very bright and bouncy. She's almost completely blind. We rescued her with the help of Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary in Ascot. Her previous owner was going to have her put to sleep the following day because of her failing eyesight. Fortunately, we got to her on time. That was three years ago.

At first, she bumped into things. However, she got to know her way around the flat, patio, and garden after a while. She only barks at the entryphone, the smoke alarm, and the fireworks.

She is a lovely loving dog, and I'm so pleased we've got her!

Thursday 27 June 2024


Not much happening this week. Researching article ideas. Studying books. Health appointments.

Friday 21 June 2024

Stress MRI Scan @ Harefield Hospital

I haven't been too well over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I had to have a cardiac MRI scan at Harefield Heart Hospital...

A typical MRI scanner.

"A cardiac MRI scan uses magnetic and radio waves to produce high-resolution moving and still images of the chambers, valves and muscles of the heart, and the flow of blood through the heart, to show how well it is working. There is strong evidence to support the use of cardiac MRI in complex cases, or for diagnosing conditions that other tests have failed.



Thursday 13 June 2024

Thursday 13th

I'm beginning to work on a new project for 'Dogs Today' magazine today. I'm hoping that the editor will be interested. It will be about prisoners/offenders who train 'assistance dogs' as part of their rehabilitation programs.

I've also been updating my website (studies section). Next, I've got to rebuild the 'links' section that was accidentally deleted a few months ago.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Back again!

I'm back again after a period of illness, although I still have a chest infection.

I've updated my website to include all my studies. Check them out at http://richardhill.co.uk/studies.html

Back to studying writing Creative nonfiction.

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Back again!

Hi! I'm back online following a period in hospital. My blood sugars went haywire and became difficult to control. More soon...

Later (08 June 2024)
I've been in hospital again due to low or high blood glucose levels. I've been studying by reading books on Creative Writing Non-fiction. As far as writing itself, I've been procrastinating.

Saturday 4 May 2024


It's been a quiet week. There's little to report. I've been doing some reading. Mainly 'How to write nonfiction : Turn your knowledge into words' by Joanna Penn. It's a good book, written in plain English without jargon.

I ordered a book that I used to have, but must have given away. 'Full Disclosure' by Andrew Neil. I managed to get a used copy on amazon.co.uk for only £3.50 and it's a hefty book. I want to read and study a non-fiction book that I know I can cope with!

I haven't been too well and my legs have been very painful. On the positive side, I can now walk around the flat, patio, and communal garden without a stick. I could manage it when I'm out and about, but don't want to risk it just yet. Just to be on the safe side - I don't want to fall over again!

I have to go for my annual diabetic check-up in a couple of weeks.