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I am a 68-year-old gay disabled amateur part-time writer living in Slough, Berkshire UK. I have published around 50 articles in 20 leisure and lifestyle magazines. I live with a range of health issues including heart disease, chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression, atrial fibrillation and restless leg syndrome. (I'm working my way through the medical dictionary!). I'm a member of Slough Writer's Group which is interesting and informative. Latest News. 10th July 2023 Awarded 'The Sandy Lee-Guard Award for Endeavour' by the Slough Writers Group. 6th December 2023 Completed studying 'Writing for Magazines' with CityLit University. January 2nd 2024. Fell over in the lounge and fractured my left femur (whilst recovering from fracturing my right femur in July 2023). Recovery expected to take 6 - 8 months. May 2024. Completed studying ' National Centre for Writing' course 'Creative Non-Fiction - An Introduction'. You can see the articles that have been published in the 'LATEST WORK' section of my website.

Saturday 30 September 2023

Saturday 30th September

 I've been under the weather over the last few weeks, so have been working on my laptop either in bed or in my reclining chair in the lounge.

I've had three new articles published in the last two months, one in 'Able' magazine and two in 'Dogs Today' magazine. You can view them in the 'Latest Work' section of my website which is at www.richardhill.co.uk

I've purchased the 2024 editions of the 'Writers & Artists Yearbook' and the 'Writers Handbook' and my next move is to study the 'magazines' section to find magazines that I think I could possibly write for..

I'm not feeling too good having editing my website this morning.

Watch this space!

Monday 18 September 2023


Out Now! My story in 'Able' magazine about Eliot, Curly, and Rex is out now and online at: https://ablemagazine.co.uk/my-story-my-best-friends/

This is the model of a 'bath seat' that SBC has delivered. (SBC =  Slough Borough Council). It was delivered first at the end of last week and I used it for the first time this morning.

I then went to tidy this blog up and if I find time later, I'll work on the website. 

This is the next planned purchase:-

I've wanted an electric bed like this ever since we moved into this flat in January 1996. It's going to be of so much help.

An 'over bed' table, (similar to the one below) arrived today:

So that completes the list of equipment I've been supplied with. They make our flat look a bit like a hospital environment, but it doesn't really matter. They make life easier.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Latest News - 17/09/2023


I'm still struggling with my fractured femur which was operated on to insert a titanium rod and 'nails' on Monday 17 July 2023.

I spent a few weeks of rehabilitation in Jubilee Ward in Upton Hospital, Slough. Prior to my discharge, the OT's provided me with some assistive equipment at home: A walking frame, a toilet frame, a commode, a bathroom stool, and a bath 'swivel' seat. (We later sent the commode back as I had no need for it.).

The first few days at home were a bit difficult, getting used to a new 'disabled' routine and lifestyle. I had quite a lot of difficulty getting up and down between the sofa and the walking frame. I decided to invest privately in a 'rise and recline' armchair:

It has proved to be invaluable and only cost £319. It took quite a lot of searching to find a chair that was reasonably priced and did what I wanted it to. It also had to fit in the available area. I finally settled on this one from amazon.co.uk (Amazon 'title': HOMCOM Power Lift Chair, Fabric Electric Recliner Sofa Chair for Elderly with Heavy Duty Motor, Remote Control, Side Pocket, Grey).

Since arriving at home, I've been exercising through walking - starting with short walks and increasing the distance each day. Simon follows me with my wheelchair in case I suddenly to sit down. I alternate the route each day between walking outside the front of the flats and walking around the communal garden. Some days I do an additional walk from the patio to the bench where I meet my friend and neighbour Ann for coffee.

The pain relief I had previously been prescribed is Paracetamol and Codeine Phosphate. This week I was also prescribed 'Oramorph', which I had been using in the hospital. This certainly helps relieve the pain but has 'weird' side effects including hallucinations amongst others.

Last Friday, I was assessed (at home) by a physio who looked at what I can currently achieve and who gave me a set of exercises to complete four times a day. At first, they were excruciatingly painful, but since I started are becoming a little better each time. My leg also hurts a lot between exercises.

That more or less brings me up to date with my 'medical' details.

While in hospital, my article on Eliot Best and his assistance dogs was published in 'Dogs Today' magazine and soon a similar article will be published in 'Able' magazine. Also coming out in 'Dogs Today' is my article 'Newfs in Action'.

This week, I'll be researching possible outlets for articles in magazines by using the 2024 editions of  'Writers & Artists Yearbook' and 'Writers Handbook'. I'll also be writing an article 'Ghosts on the Waterways'.

Thank you for reading thus far. Watch this space!

Tuesday 5 September 2023

I'm back!

Sorry for the silence. I was discharged from Upton hospital around 10 days and have been getting used to my 'disabled' life at home. I'll tell more when I'm a little better.