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I'm a 68-year-old disabled amateur writer living and working in Slough in Berkshire in the UK. I began writing in 1996 after having to retire from my career in the National Health Service due to heart disease. I've had a series of heart attacks and two heart bypass operations. Between 1996 and 2010, I contributed regularly to several UK leisure and lifestyle magazines. Many of these articles can be downloaded from the 'ARCHIVE' section of my website. I've also contributed to some television programmes. I'm a member of the 'Slough Writers Group' which is both interesting and informative. At the moment I'm preparing to start writing factual features for magazines. You can see the articles that have been published in the 'LATEST WORK' section of my website.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Tuesdays Thoughts

Today, I've sent some emails to some dog-owning friends of mine.  Please feel free to 'cut and paste' it into the body of an email and email your answers to me here at sloughwriter@gmail.com.

Here it is:-


I’m working on an article ‘Does your dog make you happy?’ for ‘Dogs Today’ magazine. It will be published in March 2024 to coincide with ‘International Happiness Day 2024’.

As part of my research, I’m talking to dog owners about their relationship with their dogs.

I’d be grateful if you’d take a few minutes to complete these questions and email them back to me. You don’t need to adhere strictly to the questions. For example, if you prefer, write me a story.

Also, I’d love to include a ‘happy’ photograph of you or your family with your dog(s) if possible. Please send it as a high-resolution jpg

Here goes: -

  • 1)    How many dog(s) do you have?
  • 2)    What are their names, gender, breed and ages?
  • 3)    Is/are your dog(s) a pedigree or crossbreed?
  • 4)    How long have you owned your dog(s)?
  • 5)    What activities do you do with your dog(s)? e.g. Walking, running, ball games, dog shows, taking your dog to work etc.
  • 6)    What makes your dog happy?
  • 7)    What does your dog do to make you happy?

Please tell me, in your own words, all about the things that make you smile, laugh, chuckle etc. In short, how does your dog(s) make you happy?


I've edited and partly rewritten 'Best's Friends' and submitted it to 'Asylum magazine'.

It's CityLit night tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I completed the assignment (write a 'pitch' to an editor) a few days ago.

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